As a result of years of knowledge and active experience in the fruit industry; both from a technical and marketing perspective, we are significant players in our field. Quality; in combination with a low-cost operation is the core of our supply-chain offering. We are proud of our extensive network of suppliers, each of them committed to the very same target – QUALITY, PROFESSIONALISM and RELIABILITY.



We build trust by developing products-based solutions; matching customer expectation and need. Food safety compliance, regulatory and quality requirements are at the core of what we do. Our core production is either BRC or IFS accredited.

Quality is our Visit Card – inside and outside

After implementing a quality management system into our daily work, we applied for certification and obtained the certificate according to International Featured Standard (IFS) Broker.  The certification was assigned at a “higher level”.




We believe in the importance of protecting and safeguarding the environment. We consider the ecosystem as a distinctive guarantee for the development of the company. Our goal is to measure, control and reduce the environmental impact of our activities. We use the available resources in accordance with sustainable development principles, so that new technologies and product packaging can reduce the impact on the environment.


Technical information

Infused Fruits:

Our INFUSED FRUITS are fresh fruits (typically berries) whose cells have been infused with a high brix solution (typically a fruit juice concentrate) and then dried. As such they are clean label and 100% fruit; freeze and bake stable; free-flowing; of long shelf-life (12 months); allergen and artificial additives free. Typical infused fruits we can offer are: raspberry, strawberry; cranberry, lingonberry, sour cherry; rhubarb; redcurrant; blackcurrant; blueberry (wild-picked); blueberry (cultivated); blackberry; pomegranate and mango cubes. Other products on request. Our standard offer are fruits in whole or sliced formats (although a diced or crumbed format is possible with some fruits). These products, therefore, have application as a superb inclusion and / or decoration within the snacking, bakery, dairy and confectionery sectors.

mango sample5 infusedrhubarb

Puree Nuggets:

Our Puree Nuggets are QUICK FROZEN PUREE CUBES (QFPC) – (+/- 30g per piece) of unpasteurised, frozen, puree of FRUIT or VEGETABLE. As such they have the very best colour and flavour characteristics. They are, moreover, easily handled and quick thawing.

pureeQFPCblackcurrant pureeQFPCraspberrie


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