Energy Food Ingredients B.V. combines the extensive experience of our personnel with exceptional client care to be your preferred specialist for Sugar and Industrial Fruit & Vegetable products. Such products are typically used as raw materials for further manufacturing.
We can manufacture a range of fruit products in various formats (frozen, aseptic) with the aim of achieving products which are “optimised for end purpose”.
The start point is the sourcing of conventional, organic or Fairtrade raw materials from growers and growers’ cooperatives in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Our products are themselves inputs in to the beverage, dairy, ice cream, soft drink, snacking, bakery and other food industries.



We believe in a relationship that is more than ‘just’ supplying the right product, at the right place, at the right time.
Rather, we seek to generate an exchange of information in both market information and product application.
We believe this is the foundation of mutual trust and therefore growth between all stakeholders.
Our market and product knowledge resides within the Energy Food Ingredients team. In fact, the Company is founded on the sum of our individual experiences in fruits and sugars across European, Middle East, Africa and Far Eastern markets.


>> Our competitive advantages are <<

a) We are all experienced personnel with good industry knowledge; and high level of customer service.
b) We source the fruit raw materials from growers / grower cooperatives; with due regard to “appropriate quality for end purpose” and market price.
c) We manufacture goods after evaluating with the customer ways to win a cost reduction (e.g.; do goods need to be aseptic when lightly-pasteurisation might actually be preferable; is the packing the most appropriate taking “costs in total” into account (e.g. can carton-bins replace metal drums).
d) We manage price volatility (e.g. such as with raspberry prices (2015 season)…and rhubarb (2016 season), and
e) We offer innovation, for example in developing our puree cubes which are now used throughout Europe and by some of our Japanese and Korean clients.


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